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Blog post: And so it begins …

The Wannabe Bumpkin is not just about farming, It is the journey of a 20-something (soon 30) who explored various paths in life before going back to the basics. Food, growing food, and be connected to the outdoors, because our modern life made us forget that indeed, there is a world outside.

My name is Flo (short for Florent in French), and I live outside. Since 2015, I’ve been on the road across North America with my van, and documented my adventures mostly in a book and a YouTube channel in French called “My life in a van”.

The more I’ve travelled, the more I’ve realized my life was actually meant to be outside. Redefining work, travel, and life in general, going back to the land, are things that I’ve gone through in the last years. From WWOOFing to hiking and canoeing, farming, growing, harvesting, making food, cheese, and lots of furry and less furry friends in the process, from the Atlantic coast to the Southwest, the PNW, and the “last best places”…

This blog along with my YouTube channel (which you can follow here) is in a sense my journey going back to these basics, farming, indeed (hence the name of this blog), but so much more too. I want to share and explore questions that matter a lot to me: from how to become independent and sustainable in the way we consume, to how a “perfect” life would be if such life can exist.

WWOOFing (travelling and farming), learning about growing food, establishing respectful relationships and connection to the land and its animals, but also dreaming about concrete ideas and things we can all do to stop being ‘prisoners of Mother Culture’ as Ishmael would say.

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