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WWOOF Host Farms Featured in Local News

The Corvallis Advocate, a local publication about the Willamette Valley in Oregon, recently published a story featuring two WWOOF-USA host farms.

From the article:

“The relationship between a WWOOFer or Workawayer and host is surprisingly similar to the one Macone describes between some mushrooms and garden vegetables, when planted as companions. Companion planting is used to enhance the health of both species.

“A plant’s root only goes so far down in the soil, but the mycelium, the roots of the mushroom, spread out far, and some of them form relationships with the plant’s roots.” Macone went on to explain how the plant’s ability to photosynthesize allows it to make and share sugars with the mushroom, while the fungus “can spread out and pull in moisture and nutrients from the soil that the plant can’t reach.”

The plant and the fungus, Macone explained, “have this relationship where they’re sharing and helping each other survive.” Such is the relationship between a WWOOFer or Workaway and host, sharing healthy heaps of knowledge and experience day in and day out, and ultimately growing together. And though this is not an analogy Macone said or implied, an appreciation of shared knowledge and growth is one distinct commonality to all involved.”

Read the full article here.

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